This funding has helped support capability in natural disaster and risk reduction research. travel subsidy: 1-6 months: full Research Grant (Short) description: Research Grant -- long: students/postdocs enrolled (or based) at a New Zealand tertiary. The NZWCS will award one or more grants up to a maximum budget of $5,000 (including GST). Supports early career researchers, funds PhD scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships, and helps bring outstanding overseas New Zealand researchers back home. The 201… Grants are generally for one year but a small portion of the money is available for two or three year projects. Marsden Fund research benefits society by contributing to the development of researchers with knowledge, skills and ideas. The Research and Enterprise Office then obtains the authorised signature of the University for you, copies the application, and sends it to the funding body by the due date. Research programme. Each year, EQC provides around $17 million of funding for research and data on natural hazard risks and how to reduce risks and build New Zealand’s resilience. The same situation exists if you have been approached by researchers at another institution/organisation to collaborate on a funding proposal where Otago is not the lead institution and/or is not submitting the proposal. A registered Charity with the New Zealand Charities Services (registration CC23672), making all donations tax refundable. The Health Research Council of New Zealand has used a “modified lottery” since 2013 to award grants of NZ$150,000 (£74,900) under its Explorer grants programme to scholars with a “transformative research idea with the potential for major impact”. 362 Leith Street Our Research Grant Programme was established in September 2001, and over the years the work of some of NZ’s best clinicians and researchers has been boosted by our substantial grants. The New Zealand Wound Care Society (NZWCS) Research Grant has been established to support New Zealand based research into any area that is related to wounds, wound healing or wound management (including prevention). The Royal Society of New Zealand. This year US$30,000 is available to go towards vital oral health programmes and projects across New Zealand. University Research Programme. Upcoming funding. New Zealand’s innovation-focused government agency, Callaghan Innovation, provides a range of R&D services to help businesses grow faster. The Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) is a performance-based funding system to encourage and reward excellent research in New Zealand’s degree-granting organisations. Other developed countries protect valuable staff by providing bulk grants to research institutes—allowing the institutes to distribute the money internally as they see fit—and having only a modest fraction of research fund­ing contestable. Copy of the application (signed by applicant, and HoD/Dean if requested by funder), University of Otago Costing & Consents Worksheet (CCW) (signed by applicant, HoD and Dean/AVC, including copies of ethical/regulatory approvals). PhD students; young researchers; postdocs Supporting international research collaboration, President's Address 2019 on redefining research excellence, Te Takarangi: Celebrating Māori publications with Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga, Climate change mitigation options for New Zealand, Climate change implications for New Zealand. These are awarded at our research committee’s discretion. Deadline: 02-Sep-20. This award is for current BBSRC research grant holders in receipt of BBSRC funding, to develop partnership links with laboratories in New Zealand. There are few government grants or funding schemes available to the self-employed and businesses just starting out. In total the Marsden Fund, which support excellence in research in New Zealand, allocated $84.75 million (excluding GST) for 134 research projects. Financial support for intermediate and secondary school students who have been selected on a national basis to attend international science and technology events. Staff are reminded that every application for external research funding needs to come through Research and Enterprise. Supports experienced researchers to pursue their research full-time. New Zealand, AskOtagoPātai ki Otāgo The AFAANZ Research Fund (ARF) Annual Grants Program is designed to encourage and support members by providing funding for research projects. Study award of $6,000 for a PhD in the Physical Sciences and Engineering in a New Zealand university. View more on how to contact us or use this form to send us an email. Fourteen projects received grants ranging from $729,000 to $960,000, and a further 16 researchers received kick-start $300,000 grants. The Marsden Fund is a contestable fund administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand on behalf of the Marsden Fund Council. Academics who took part in the world’s first major research grant programme to use a lottery to award funding have backed the method. research at a German tertiary or research institute or other research relevant facility: EUR 1,200 per month. The grants aim to encourage and assist research on any aspect of the control or management of viral hepatitis. Applications are now open for the Lottery Health Research Grants 2020 to provide grants to organizations for health research projects, scholarships, fellowships and research equipment that will help improve the health of New Zealanders. Funding for health research. With your help, we can continue to fund and support world class research. Dunedin 9016 E: P: New Zealand Orthopaedic Association +64-4-913 9891 For advice on the use of the CCW to develop costings for your project, please contact your Research Advisor. Applications for University of Otago Research Grants, administered centrally by the Research Committee, are invited once per year for requests in excess of: Applications are considered by panels established by the Research Committee, taking into account the excellence of the research proposed, the research record of applicants and the overall research perspectives of the University. $10,000 for the Life, Human and Biomedical, Physical and Clinical and Public Health Sciences. Grants are awarded to individual scientists and research groups. Offers are available for the Asia New Zealand Postgraduate Research Grants in New Zealand, 2017, Each year the Asia New Zealand Foundation offers three grants of $5,000 to support postgraduate research into contemporary issues in the Asian region. Get in touch Talk to us about taking your business to the next level. The grants are distributed over three years and are fully costed paying for salaries, students and postdoctoral positions, institutional overheads and research consumables. Ways we support New Zealanders to explore new knowledge, Use this search tool to find funds and opportunities you could apply for. insurance cover. With the generous support of our donors, we've invested more than $78 million into heart research since 1968. Opportunity for the next generation of early-career innovators, trailblazers, creators, and visionaries to share, in 3 minutes, their research, business model or initia... Making a real difference to students' science learning by enhancing the teaching of science within school communities, Researching and investigating creative and innovative science and technological solutions to practical problems. If you would like the Research Opportunities emailed out to you weekly, you can join the ResearchInfo List. Opportunity for the next generation of early-career innovators, trailblazers, cr... Making a real difference to students' science learning by en... Researching and investigating creative and innovative science and technological solut... We support New Zealand researchers to collaborate ... A programme that empowers secondary students to realise their full potential. Here are two funding schemes specifically for new businesses. 11 Turnbull StThorndon, Wellington 6011Aotearoa - New Zealand, © 2020 - Royal Society of New Zealand Te Apārangi, Supports excellence in science, engineering, maths, social sciences and the humanities in New Zealand by providing grants for investigator-initiated research. These awards support research by New Zealand students on development issues that fit with the aims of the New Zealand Aid Programme. We are the only dedicated funder of haematology research in New Zealand. Funding opportunities We have funding opportunities available throughout the year, including Researcher-Initiated Proposals for projects and programmes, specific Requests for Proposals initiated by the Health Research Council and funding partners, and … Competition for grants is intense. If successful we will provide funding of up to £50,000 for up to four years to support collaborative activities including: travel for one or more investigators in either direction Investment Management System (IMS) Portal Our Investment Management System (IMS) portal is a secure online system that lets applicants view, edit and submit funding applications. The Trust provides grants to doctors and scientists conducting ground-breaking cancer research, and to medical and scientific cancer-control personnel for their professional development and education. If you’re eligible, you might have to match any funding you get. Funding of $1,000 per application encouraging research in New Zealand zoology, botany and geology. +64 3 479 7000 Includes conference funding, career development, awards, programme and project funding. The University of Otago Policy Document on Externally Funded Research outlines both the need for and the usage of the CCW. The research system in New Zealand is comprised of approximately 23,000 researchers employed by a range of research-oriented institutions including universities, government departments, city and regional councils, research associations and small medium enterprises (SME’s), and the government-owned crown research institutes (CRIs). Please note: Birds New Zealand is calling for applications for the 2020 Birds NZ Research Fund in good faith. The 2020 Round 2 will focus on quality projects that address or respond to contemporary and future challenges to, and/or have implications for, accounting and finance practice, policy and/or the professions. We offer research grants of $5000 - $10,000 to students enrolled at New Zealand tertiary institutions. TWAS funds several programmes that provide grants to researchers in some developing countries for specialized equipment, consumable supplies and Master of Science students. The call for 2020, for Individuals and Research Units will open in late January or early February. The Heart Foundation is New Zealand's leading independent funder of heart research. When we know what you need, we connect you with the right funding to help your R&D get ahead. Research grants. A University of Otago Costings and Consents Worksheet (CCW) is required for all applications, signed by the applicant, their Head of Department/Resource Centre and their Dean/PVC, in accordance with University policy on externally funded research. Supporting and encouraging masters level study by Māori in the sciences. New Zealand Research Landscape. Subscribe to the list – enter in your email address, your name, and then click on Subscribe. All grant applications and proposals must be accompanied by a completed, signed internal budget. For further information, advice and assistance regarding anything to do with contestable research funding, please contact the Research Advisor for your Division/Department. New Zealand is unusual, if not unique, in having so much of its public science fund­ing contestable. Grants & research. Applicants for the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology Research Fellowship must, at the time of application, be: EITHER an advanced trainee in Gastroenterology or Gastro-Intestinal Surgery. Download: Research News – 23 November 2020 (PDF). The grants programme is providing five grants to the value of USD$1,000 each, five grants to the value of US$3,000 each and one grant of USD$10,000. The Committee gives special consideration to applications from early career staff. The award is to assist New Zealand university staff or postgraduate students in biomechanics to present a paper at each biennial ISB Congress. Any variation to this timeframe will need to be agreed, in advance, with NZSA. Contact details for Research Advisors are given below. Creative New Zealand; Creative New Zealand is the main arts development organisation in New Zealand. If you would like the Research Opportunities emailed out to you weekly, you can join the ResearchInfo List. Further enquiries. Breast Cancer Foundation NZ is New Zealand's largest non-government funder of breast cancer research. If you are not sure, please call and we will be able to advise you. The Research Committee will give special consideration to grants which enable eligible staff to develop a research profile to the extent that they become better able to compete for externally funded grants and also to support excellence in research and scholarship for which external funds are not readily available. Special Announcement - 13 May 2020 (PDF). Funding to help New Zealand businesses continue research and development in the face of COVID-19 impacts. This grant helps businesses to take their product, process, or service idea from development through to commercialisation. Funding of $1,000 per application encouraging research in the study of the history, art, culture, physical and social anthropology of the Māori and other Polynesian pe... HFSP supports novel, innovative and interdisciplinary basic research focused on the complex mechanisms of living organisms. Incorporates a senior scientist award to support research, a publishing award to support scientific publications, and an environmental award to recognise work undertake... Study award of $6,000 for Māori and Pasifika postgraduate student undertaking a Master’s which involves social sciences research. To enable postgraduate students or early career New Zealand researchers to attend the biennial Ecohydraulics conference. Completed documents must be passed on to the Research and Enterprise Office who will submit them on behalf of the researcher(s). The research is not subject to government’s socio-economic priorities, but is investigator initiated. The Fund supports research excellence in science, engineering and maths, social sciences and the humanities. Your Regional Business Partner will help you find suitable grants. The announcement of a new round is sent out electronically to Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Deans and Heads of Departments early each year. Helping New Zealand registered postgraduate students to attend the 2017 SCAR symposium. The Royal Society of New Zealand offer several funds and opportunities to fund research in New Zealand.. Marsden Fund. Agency: Callaghan Innovation The New Zealand Law Foundation is a registered charity that also provides grants for legal research, public education on legal matters and legal training. The current funding opportunities are available below. The award is to assist New Zealand university staff or postgraduate stud... To enable postgraduate students or early career New Z... General enquiries: +64 4 472 7421 | | PO Box 598, Wellington 6140. Post Graduate Field Research Awards. Those in the early stages of research and development, or who are new to this area, can apply for a Getting Started Grant.. EQC has provided funding to tertiary institutions across New Zealand since the 1990s. Please inform your Research Adviser if you intend to apply as Principal Investigator for any contestable funding, whether advertised here or not, at the beginning of the development of your application. You can download the latest version of our CCW. Grants available for 2020. While grants are mainly smaller in nature, they can lead to larger projects which potentially have major benefits for patients. Incorporates a senior scientist award to support research, a publishing award... Study award of $6,000 for Māori and Pasifika postgraduate student underta... Study award of $6,000 for a PhD in the Physical Sciences and En... Funding of $1,000 per application encouraging research in New Zealand zoology, botany and geology. OR a Gastroenterology or Surgical specialist in New Zealand working in … The aim of these grants is to promote debate and discussion on matters relating to Asia and New […] Advancing global science partnerships for New Zealand. The Foundation is now in recess to allow its funding base to rebuild so that, in time, it can support a new generation of legal research. The research grants programme provides independent financial support for orthopaedic research in New Zealand. 0800 80 80 98 The application round for these grants occurs annually in May. LBC is committed to finding better treatments and cures. Our research programme is a core part of our Resilience Strategy for Natural Hazard Risk Reduction and is part of our function under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 Highlights contributions to improved scientific data stewardship by early career researchers and enables them to travel to SciDataCon Conference.
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