Over the past 6 years I have put 20-50K each year into the store just to keep it afloat. We do all of the work that UPS is supposed to do, like deliver packages to residences instead of my store, so that they can lay off more drivers and pay us next to nothing. Your comment is awaiting moderation. We were driven to all the top performing stores and were duped into thinking this will be us. …… There are large companies out there in every city that do printing and other services. We owned the store for a few years and we made NOTHING, zero, nada!! Before this year I never had a month that was not up compared to the same month the previous year. Founded in 1980, Mail Boxes, Etc. What You Need to Know When Opening a Pizza Hut Franchise, Things You Need to Know About a Franchise, Learn About the Costs of Owning a Domino's Pizza Franchise, Here's What to Know About the Costs of Buying a 7-Eleven Franchise, The Balance Small Business is part of the, In-house financing available for equipment, inventory, and start-up costs. We continue to get threatening letters with no action. It is very depressing. July 14, 2016 at 9:45 pm Little did we know that few stores make that much. Hanh uses the name and reputation of UPS to enrich herself but not keep to the ethical business standards required by this Franchise. Second, when finding out that these po boxes are not recognized by the county as a valid PO box the answer from the manager was “we don’t care”. I am thinking the rates I will get I will be able to match the rates of other web based businesses. So, the cost went up, and our retail sales rate went up, but our revenue is 9K less…Even if we were keeping up with last years sales numbers we would still be at a 10% loss. What do you think? UPS then contacts that customer and offers them a slight discount per shipment in order to start an account directly with UPS, bypassing the the UPS Store completely. At that much of a shortage in sales, we will be done before christmas. You can’t say you make much in shipping, as drop offs far surpass the # of shipping customers who actually pay the store directly. Th…, Not to be trusted!!!!! There is no doubt that franchisees will immediately enjoy the public trust and the established familiarity of a nationally recognized brand, but do the pros of owning a UPS Store franchise outweigh one very important and major con? They wanted your advice, but they figured out it was cheaper to ship on-line and by pass you. But its sad when you can’t make money shipping when you are a UPS store. 23 consecutive years of growth? The UPS Store© locations are independently owned and operated by franchisees of The UPS Store., Inc. in the USA and by its master licensee and its franchisees in Canada. Contact us to learn more The UPS Store Franchise Development Team … I was working 7days a week. You are allowed to deduct the cost of stamps and packaging materials. We will notify the sender with details. So what it boils down to is simple buyer beware and o nothing that can have major impact on your financial well being aand that requires major cash outlay without speaking to your attorney. Most of the quote un-quote customers that come into the store think they are store customers, when they’re shipping pre labelled packages…but they’re actually a UPS customer, and the store makes close to nothing on these prepaid packages. Created a brand and system that became known worldwide as the leading alternative to using the United States Postal Service, but also as a leader in shipping, printing, and business service centers. UPS and Wall st ultimately screwed him on his retirement, went from over 80% to under 30%… And just try to sell your store and watch how you get bent over. ?”), the “customer” returning to the store to ask me why something they dropped off didn’t get delivered, etc. Your email address will not be published. to return to this location to get copy/scan job redone. The UPS Store brand is a globally respected market leader. Fees were crazy $400/ month for Co-op advertising, $1200 per year (after tax) for technolgy fees, and you were forced to buy your equipment and upgrades through them at ridiculous prices, when you could find the same item for a lot less elsewhere. We upgraded Former Store Owner’s comment to a full post: Some hours later, I contacted UPS to see what was happening, which was when I found out that I was not the sender – my local UPS Store was! I am trying so hard to sell mailbox rentals now. The drop offs increased exponentially and customers who I relied on slowly converted to drop offs. It is just easier to shut the doors, strike a flare and walk away…..My best advice, If you have the chance to buy a UPS store…..Don’t. And its too bad, i would have been GREAT at it. At one point.. UPS was charging people 10% less than the store if they printed their label online. (which became The UPS Store in 2004). This has turned into a disaster of customer, relations. HAVE YOU HAD DEALINGS WITH THE UPS STORE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY? You just stopped me from making a BIG mistake. That was in March, 2003. The UPS Store is the world’s largest franchisor of retail shipping, postal, printing, and business service centers and has nearly 40 years of franchise experience. Every year fewer and fewer would come into the store and spend money. I do not even know where to begin, so I will just make a few major points why UPS is a terrible franchise: 1) Shipping is where you make most of your revenues. In Buffalo NY they have 2 retards running the show- dumb and dumber- not sure how they sleep at night- I gues easy money does strange things to people, Unless you need to lose a lot of money Stay away from the Useless Piece of Ship Store. There is Never a notary there yet they advertise there is one there. You are FORCED to obtain color copiers where you lose money each month. Then try and sell the business – no one wanted to buy such a business even when you showed a profit. Employee sent me the job by, email without even looking to see if copied ok. (that will never happen) Anyone who knows print already had Adobe CS something….The most recent effort to get us on board with the post office’s EDDM program is a complete waste of time. Are there any The UPS Store Franchisees in Canada and/or the United States who might be able to weigh in with some more recent experiences of whether or not owing a The UPS Store is a good investment at the present time? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We would not be comfortable managing a The UPS Store in this current Pandemic Environment for the safety and health of ourselves and others in the community. I get NOTHING. Tweet UPS. ?not to Canada but to Mexico and you can only do it directly via UPS). But don’t write them off completely and say they have no one to blame but themselves. I have seen my house account customers approached by UPS sales agents and offered discounts that I simply could not offer. I had to drive about 8 miles. Do The UPS Store franchise owners lie and cheat in order to dump their franchise stores on unsuspecting buyers? They drop it off at your store and you get… $1.00. UPS World Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30328 United States Tel. With these two private shipping titans now in the printing, copying, packaging, and general business service retail center space, the entire face of that industry has changed. Any local or even national competitors who want to be successful in that industry know how high the bar is, and that benefits consumers everywhere. In early September 2018, The UPS Store launched a new national advertising campaign to demonstrate the full range of products and services The UPS Store locations offer beyond packing and shipping. The customer coming in doesn’t know all that goes on behind the scenes…and the store owner is too distraught to provide the very best customer service, which is their initial goal going into the store. Any honest advise and/or recommendations from current and/or past The UPS Store Franchisees would be sincerely appreciated. After reading all these complaints, I have nothing but sympathy for the UPS Store owners. So UPS was making out at your expense. Again thank you. Trust me unless you want to shell out several hundred thousand dollars to obtain a super store you will barely get by.
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